Monday, November 30, 2009

My New Favorite Breakfast Bar

With my schedule these past few weeks, I have desperately needed a breakfast on the go. For years I have been on the hunt for a good breakfast bar that isn't loaded with flour, sugar, additives, and a bunch of other ingredients that will take away my energy rather then give me energy, but have had NO LUCK : (

That all changed about two weeks ago when I was walking through my health food store market in the raw food section and figured I would try a rather pricey yet raw breakfast bar. Let me tell you, it was more then worth it and I am ready to share it!I Of course my requirements were delicious and nutritious but it didn't stop there! This is a one of a kind raw, vegan, organic, most importantly SUPER EASY, breakfast bar that has the potential of leaving you satiated until lunch! It doesn't get much better then that when looking for a breakfast/snack bar on the run.

So here is my new found secret! It's Lydia's Organics! My two favorites are the Spirulina and Cocoa Crunch. YUMMY! You have got to try this for yourself. If you can't find them in your health food store, grab them online at Lydia's online store.

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