Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Easy Raw Thanksgiving Recipes

So for this year's thanksgiving, we are going to my parent's house like we do every year. I figured, if I wanted to have some dessert and healthy side dishes I better step in. I've decided to be responsible for making the apple pie and cranberry sauce. I am NOT talking about the buttery, floury, sugary filled apple pie, that feels like you have just consumed a brick after dinner. I'm talking about an even tastier, healthier, raw apple pie that doesn't make you feel guilty even after your third slice!

So the recipe is super easy and can be put together in a pinch. No need for your oven or long wait time for the apples to get just right. Just get out your food processor and you are good to go!

Yummy Raw Apple Pie!

As for the cranberry sauce, since I prefer not indulging in cranberry sauce that is held together by who knows what to create some jellow looking glob, I decided to find a recipe that could provide some great nutrition to my body without giving me the sugar spike and crash. I am so excited to try this really yummy looking recipe on Angelic Monkey's blog.

Raw Cranberry Sauce (recipe from Angelic Monkey blog)

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