Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4 Legged Friend With Shiny Hair, Strong Nails, Healthy Skin...Who and What am I talking about?

Most mornings I struggle to open up the dark container with the pretty colorful label filled with my favorite coconut oil because I always seem to screw the cap on too tight. I am not forcing the lid open for me either, well maybe I have a taste, but it's for my soulmate, best friend, loving, cutie Sharlena. Sharlena is my 5 year old dog that has a great build, a beautiful shiny coat, strong nails for climbing trees (her breed is known to climb trees but she doesn't know how), and moisturized skin. I scoop about a tbsp into her bowl after she finishes her dog food and by the time I finish washing the spoon I used to scoop it in her bowl, I turn around and she has gobbled it all up! She LOVES IT!!!

Sometimes, I just sit there and watch her gobble it up giggling the entire time. I don' t know why I get such a kick out of the fact that I give my dog coconut oil, and she loves it. It's just funny to see how our dogs like superfoods like we do. My dog is very picky. She won't eat everything. She doesn't like sweets, and really likes the healthy stuff. From treating her body well, and listening to her senses, look at how big her smile is! She is so energetic, loves taking long car rides, and feels great that she is shining from the inside out... This might also have to do with the Green Superfoods I have been giving her. More Raw Superfoods for your 4 legged friends!
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