Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do you want?

With the jewish new year just passing, praying to god for forgiveness from my sins this past weekend, and many others in my passing suggesting this exercise, I made an "I Want" list. I also made a "How Can I Serve" list to go along with it. I think it is extremely helpful to write your deepest dreams and desires down on paper so that you are more clear with the path and direction you are about to travel on for the coming year. Check mine out and then try it for yourself!

what do I want:
- take steps to become a spiritual teacher
- find calm and quiet inside of myself
- feel comfort and trust in silence
- have faith and strength to feel the presence of the unknown
- find comfort in my own spirit
- de-layer my shields of protection and walk bare through the light of space
- begin writing a book on life as a spiritual being in a material world
- create a safe environment for cleaning past wounds and moving on with life in a lighter more spacious way
- clean up the clutter in my life so that I can be more fluid and spacious
- walk through life like a whale swims through the sea
- feel fully satisfied with day to day 
- follow my heart so that I no longer have the urge to run from present tasks
- explore my spiritual power and use it fearlessly
- see god inside of everything that crosses my path
- connect with the god within myself so that I can connect to the god within others and easily forgive
- find community that connects me to me
- find authentic relationships that feel easy and fun
- self express through art
- feed my body with healthy amounts of nutritious foods that can support and energize me
- find movement that feels comfortable and safe for my body
- give myself a push out into the world in moments of unhealthy isolation
- stay with the feelings of discomfort and fear when making the choice not to stuff my feelings down with food
- love my body and mind NOW
- act from a loving, peaceful, and nurturing place
- use my words to honor my hearts message
- become one with inpatient energy in order to calm the waters and settle my anxiety
- forgive myself
- accept what is
- acknowledge my presence and existence and make space in this universe for me
- listen to others
- transform fear into nurture, trust, and love

how can I serve?
- be the strength that others might not have so that it gives them the strength to feel deeply
- help others return home to their hearts
- help others de-layer the exterior shell of pain and suffering and find peace and comfort in the core of their spirit
- inspire large crowds/public speaking
- take people on a journey into their hearts truth
- help others create a safe environment for cleaning past wounds and moving on with life in a lighter more spacious way
- help others connect to their god energy that exists inside their hearts
- guide others to finding comforting spirituality that satisfies their every moment
- help others find comfort in life and death
- author a book that inspires many
- volunteer
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