Wednesday, September 2, 2009

5 Critical Ways To Reach Out

Why is it so hard to reach out when you need help? I have a habit of totally isolating myself from the world when I need help the most. The fact is, is that we all need each other to be a working unit. Yes, there is time for independence, and isolation, time for decision making and choices, and time for a friend and a phone call, but where's the balance?

What is holding you back from reaching out, picking up the phone, asking for support? For me it has been fear of disappointment, judgement, mistrust, and setting unreasonable expectations.  Support is crucial to loving ourselves, reaching our goals and dreams, and reaching our full potential in this beautiful life of ours. The first step is to start asking yourself these top critical questions and end having the weight of the world on your two only sesitive shoulders! Take note of these 5:

1. What does support look like for you?
2. What is holding you back from getting support?
3. Who can support you?
4. When will you experiment with a supportive friend?
5. Would you like my support in finding clarity?
If so, let's have a chat and see if I can help you come up with some ideas. Contact me!
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