Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where Will You Be?

Where do you think you will be a year from now? What if I told you that this exercise will give you a look into your future and life in the coming year? I went to a spiritual gathering this past weekend and was given a little exercise. I want to pass it on to those ready to see their future and what will transform in these coming months.

1. Take out piece of paper, pen (maybe a few sheets)
2. Write a letter to yourself as if it is already a year from now. 
3. You will write to yourself about where you are, where you have come from, what you are doing, what you are proud of, what you are grateful for, what surprises you, what goals you have accomplished, what are your goals for the following year.
4. You will hide this letter in a drawer for the next year of your life.
5. Mark your calendar a year from now for a reminder of where your letter is located and read it to yourself on that day.
6. Have you been accurate on what has happened over the year? Does anything surprise you? Was there something in your letter that you said would happen but hasn't yet?

Stay tuned for how my letter turns out and how I was able to read into my future! xoxo
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