Monday, August 24, 2009

Limiting Beliefs

Would you like to know what is holding you back and leaving you stuck in a rut? What are some of the messages you have taken on as your own that are not resonating or serving you at this point in your life? Here is an example of what has held me back in the past and new thought patterns that helped me grow and move forward in my life.

Take out a piece of paper and pen and list your top 10 limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your dream life. Follow it with a top 10 list of your new beliefs to counteract the beliefs holding you back.

My Limiting Beliefs:
1. I'm not good enough or seen unless I'm a successful money maker
2. Money is more important then happiness
3. You are nothing without an education
4. Relaxation is being lazy
5. Be fearful when you do not have control
6. Beauty comes from your appearance
7. Satisfaction only comes when everything is DONE
8. Mistakes are failures
9. Perfection is the goal
10. Accomplishments are only in the form of material

My New Committed Beliefs:
1. I am good enough as I am and seen by acting from my heart
2. Happiness comes first and abundance will follow
3. Trust my instinct
4. Relaxation and self care is needed for my well-being and happiness
5. Spontaneity and freedom will give me infinite possibilities
6. Beauty starts from within
7. I am satisfied when I am being creative
8. Mistakes are learning experiences
9. Perfection is imperfection
10. Accomplishments stem from my spiritual growth
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