Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LIBRA: 9/23-10/22

The Scales
A woman born under this star, however, isn’t cold or mechanical! Warm and vibrant, she’s passionate about relationship and justice. A daughter of Venus is lovely, loving, charming, and creative. Her passion for beauty often leads to involvement in fashion or the arts. Her passion for people impels her to strive for fairness and social justice. In this quest, her gifts of discernment, negotiation, and persuasion come into play. Nobody creates consensus and harmony better than this charismatic lover of life.

In this image, the goddess kneels in the light of the setting Sun. She ponders the mystery of the scales and the difficulty of achieving the perfect balance she craves. The border shows four different Libran Venuses. Two hold scales to measure human hearts. Two play the Celtic harps of harmony. At the bottom, scales have achieved equilibrium in the heart. At top, they shine against the Sun of justice. Doves fly, bearing gifts of olive branches.

Celebrate her humanity and love of life!
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