Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ani Phyo Lucuma Powder Ice Cream

Lucuma powder is one of my favorite alternative sweeteners. Not only does it taste good with it's mild, buttery, soft, sweet flavor, it's loaded with carotene & antioxidants! Ani Phyo, one of my favorite raw food chefs, makes an amazing raw ice cream out of this stuff. Your going to love it! It's simple, easy, and your friends are going to be amazed that this ice cream is actually healthy for you! Yes, sugar is sugar, but if your going to have it,  you mine as well throw in some nutrition into the mix too!

This stuff was so good that when I went to get some more out of the freezer, I noticed my husband nearly killed the entire thing!. I will definitely be buying more cashews at my next health food store stop : ) Enjoy it! I know we did!

Lucuma Ice Cream by Ani Phyo

1/2 cup lucuma powder
1 cup cashews
1 tbsp vanilla powder or extract
1/4 cup yacon syrup or agave
1 cup water

1. Blend, store in container, freeze overnight, serve

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